10 audio frequency generators with scent beads

Monday, August 29, 2011


Re/sense is a collaboration created by Diana Burgoyne (Canada) and Raewyn Turner (New Zealand). The work examines synthetic synaesthesia and anaesthesia of place. With the participation of international commercial perfumer, Louise Crouch, RE/SENSE utilizes a selection of synthetic fragrances relating synaesthetically to the colours of green. We have utilized a sensor that is sensitive to variations in the tone and intensity within the colour palette to create a responsive frequency generator creating sounds corresponding to the differing greens. The result is an audio-visual sketch of the colour green.

Re/sense was Co-Produced with the
Banff New Media Institute 2009, exhibited and presented in MuVi2, in the Third Congress 2009 Synaesthesia: Science & Art, in Granada, Spain, Interactive Futures : Stereo, Vancouver 2009, MiC Auckland 2010, and NZ Academy Fine Arts, Wellington2011

Re/Sense MIC Aukland

Re/Sense MIC Aukland

New Zealand Greens

Canada greens


Diana Burgoyne refers to herself as an electronic folk artist. Her performances and installations have been exhibited in Montreal, Toronto, New York, France, Holland, and Estonia. She was commissioned by Telus Science World to collaborate on a permanent piece which is exhibited as part of Contraption Corner. She has been the artist in residence at the Surrey Art Gallery’s Tech Lab, participated in SCANZ in New Zealand and has just finished working on a work entitled “Audio Quilt” as artist in residence at the Roundhouse Community Centre. “Audio Quilt” is an interactive installation that reflects the sounds and voices of the Roundhouse community by utilizing one hundred audio chips, each recording 10 seconds of sound. She was awarded the 2009 Fleck Fellowship by the Banff Centre for the Arts and has taught a class entitled “Creative Electronics” at Emily Carr University of Art and Design since 1998.

Raewyn Turner is an interdisciplinary artist investigating cross-sensory perception and the uncharted territories of the senses. Her multi-sensory works have been shown in exhibitions and performances, including MOCA LA, Spain, Prague, Argentina, Georges Pompidou Center, and Te Papa NZ and published in ‘Art of the Biotech Era’, International Congress Synaesthesia, Art and Science 2009, 2007, Generative Art 2006, 2004, Performance Research ‘On Smell’. She has an extensive background in working with coloured light and contemporary music with orchestras, experimental music, dance, and theatre, beginning in 1975 with Split Enz (for eight years) on international tours working in Britain, USA, Canada, and Europe, working in major performance theatres, arenas and stadiums. Her writing has been published in 'Art of the Biotech Era', International Congress Synaesthesia, Art and Science 2009, 2007, Generative Art 2006, 2004, and Performance Research 2003 'On Smell'.

She is currently working on PLUME in collaboration with molecular biologist Richard Newcombe, exploring olfactory sensing.